I everyone, I am trying to pass a CRGBset to a function.

I everyone,
I am trying to pass a CRGBset to a function.

I have a lot of CRGBset to help me locating each led or led group on the strip, I want some of them to blink or pulse or be solid.
For that I call the blinky or the pulsy function and give them the CRGBset, the color and other stuff in parameters and the function modify the CRGBset according.

My problem is to pass this CRGBset without error message…

// CRGBset declaration
CRGBArray<num_leds_1> leds_1;
CRGBSet leg_left_back_3dots(leds_1(0,10));

// function :
void blinky(struct CRGB *leds,struct CRGB color,int bpm, int *previousMillis, uint8_t min_brightness){
unsigned long currentMillis = millis();

if(currentMillis - previousMillis > bpm) {
// save the last time you blinked the LED
previousMillis = currentMillis;

// if the LED is on turn it off
if(leds != 0) leds = CRGB::Black;
else leds = color; //if off turn on


// calling the function :
blinky(&leg_left_back_3dots,CRGB::White,10, &leg_left_back_3dots_previous, 0);

error message : error: cannot convert ‘CRGB’ to ‘CRGB*’ in assignment
else leds = color; //if off turn on

Can someone with better knowledge in pointer can help me?
Thank you

@Zoilo_ABAD - Please look at the following sketch at:

I think it will provide you with the information to do what you want to do with CRGBSets. Also, I have two other sketches dealing with CRGBSets in Gist that could help you, too.