I don't what the problem is

Hi, I am new here and new to the K40 Laser Engraver/Cutter as well. I have had my K40 for almost 2 months now and still can’t figure out the issue. As I was downloading K40 Whisperer the instructions said to turn the machine on and this is what happened

Can someone help me.
If you will download the video you can see it.

Hi and welcome to the forum. The k40 has 2 optical endstops, x-axis and y-axis, that it uses to sense the home position of the head.

Your k40 is trying to home y first but the optical end stop for the y-axis is not engaging to tell the motor to stop turning.

The end stops have a U shaped price of plastic that holds a light emitter - light detector pair. For the y-axis this travels with the rail and a metal fin should slide into the U and block the light when it reaches the end of the travel.

You need to check and make sure the metal fin is not bent or blocked and slides to the U. Also check and make sure all the cables are firmly in place.

Could be a bad end stop, but check the things I mentioned and let us know what you find. If you need a picture let me know.


This is the picture of the y-axis endstop on my machine.

Here is the metal fin at the back end of the rail.

Now that think about it more, the fact that the x-axis is not moving indicates that it may be a cable problem.

There is a white ribbon cable that runs down the left side from the small board with end stop then to the control board. Made sure that both ends are firmly attached. You may even want to carefully pull the ends from the boards and then repug them back in. Also inspect the cable to make sure there is no visible damage.

Oh my goodness thank you so very much. I checked the wire connections and you guessed it, the wire cable by the power supply was almost completely out at the connector. I reconnected it and wow it works well.