I don't think it's supposed to Do that.

I don’t think it’s supposed to Do that. :frowning:

How late do you think the hardware store is open?

Answer: 9pm. I got there at 8:45. I love you, OSH. I am now milling again.

It is a MaxNC 15 open loop. It was cheap, $1200US used with the controller and a bunch of endmills. It’s good on wood, can do aluminum if you’re patient, but I wouldn’t do much more than that on it. I primarily use it with wood. I’m running EMC2 which was a pain to get running with the MaxNC’s controller, but I can share my working config files if you want.

Hehehe. I understand. I thought about trying to build a CNC mill, but a friend was selling this one. I did the math and realized that IF I knew what I was doing (I didn’t), I MIGHT be able to build one for cheaper than this one. In reality, it would have cost much more.

I want to replace the electronics on this one, something with more voltage, to drive the motors stronger and therefore faster. Right now, I’m stuck at about 2in/min. It takes forEVER to mill things.

Though, if I keep throwing bits like that, I’m not sure I CAN go much faster…

Speed is not everything, precision is also important.
I have one router I built my self it can only do about 3000mm/min and have 2,2kW spindle I still manage to break bits like you have done.
Mine is running on 40V but want to upgrade it to Nema34 for more torque.
So little want more, it will always be like that :wink:
My experince is that higer price on router bits is much better than cheap one’s.

“…only do 3000mm/min” Oy! Mine is doing about 125mm/min at G0, and breaking bits on pine at 75mm/min. (I misremembered earlier. I said 2in/min, it’s actually at 3.)

I’ve seen a Bridgeport in action. The little guy I’ve got can definitely be improved. :slight_smile: