I don't suppose there's a conversion utility to migrate settings from grbl (9x) to

I don’t suppose there’s a conversion utility to migrate settings from grbl (9x) to g2core (edge)?

I’m having a heck of a time trying to configure Shapeoko2 (Nema-17 motors; PN: SM42HT47-1684B) w/ gshield v5b…

If I load up chilipeppr with my Uno flashed with grbl… (grbl workspace) I can jog around without issues. When I use my Due flash with g2core edge (100.24 - tinyg?v9=true), I can jog the unit around, unless there is literally, any kind of friction. (IE: if I mount the spindle, it’s suddenly too heavy… the quiet spindle from inventables)

again… it’s no trouble for grbl, I just can’t seem to figure out the g2 settings… I get close, but no cigar.

I’ve started with the settings_shapeoko2.h (board=gshield)

Here’s the Y axis settings:

Any guidance would be super appreciated!

I would start by tuning configuration file setting in reference to your grbl setup, at least for the motor movement related part. Make sure all necessary lines are uncommented and correct values.
I didn’t use g2 for quite a time, neither 100.24 yet, as I’m mainly running on TinyG, but I can try to reproduce your problem here in the coming day (almost 1am here now).

Thanks Sebastian… I think I actually finally got the x & y axis working… still working on the Z though. I don’t know how I missed this url before, but it helped… but it wasn’t perfect either: https://github.com/synthetos/TinyG/wiki/TinyG-Shapeoko-Setup

I’m hoping it might be obvious to someone that my Z axis, seemingly randomly, goes in random directions? IE: G91 G0 Z10 will sometimes go clock wise, other times counter clock wise!!! I’m clearly out of my league here…

I think I’ve come to the conclusion that A) My z-motor is shot and/or B) my lead screw is no longer straight… Switching back to grbl, and the z-axis no longer works there either. I’ve disassembled the z-axis and just left the lead screw and delrin nut, and the delrin nut wobbles until it comes in contact with the extrusion, then it stops. By touch, it’s wedged against the extrusion pretty good…

If I also just run the motor without anything attached, it too struggles. SIGH - time to order a new lead screw and motor. Any suggestions on upgrades would be welcome… I have upgraded this to the 1st gen x-carve already.

Oooooor… One of the dang wires is loose! I “might” be cooking with gas finally! Though, I am concerned that the lead-screw is not straight