I dont like using the word 'best' for anything but lets just allow me

I dont like using the word ‘best’ for anything but lets just allow me use it now… what is or are the best dirt cheap average output 3d printers available now.
I reckon I need to ask this and get help before the whole thing is closed in some weeks.

I have an Ender 3 and it does a great job printing. You can find it for $200 online. Solid frame for sure. Adding nema 17 motor dampers REALLY quiets it down. Some of the fans are a little noisy but there are a ton of things you can print for it on thingiverse. Like the cover for the speaker. It beeps stupidly loud. Just print the cover and it’s quieter. Also, some of us are moving to MeWe. Feel free to join us.

I don’t know that I have seen a budget printer that is clearly better than an ender 3 assuming you have the mechanical skills to assemble and tram the printer. Everything else in that price range that I have looked at either has substantially smaller print volume or more questionable mechanics.

Yeah it does have SOME assembly to be done but not much. It’s not as fancy as an expensive printer but once you get it dialed in, you can make some pretty good prints!

Another consideration is the community around a product. A product with an active community will have a bigger pool of resources to help solve common problems for said machine.

all helpful comments. I live in UK…so I am guessing this has to be shipped in then. Will go find it maybe on their website if any. Thanks