I don't know what in the world to print! Can anyone help me?

I don’t know what in the world to print!
Can anyone help me?
(Such a sad question)

Your printer doesn’t need any upgrades anymore? You are a lucky person.

Print a working clock

A vase

Using spiral mode.

Sign your printer up with a distributed manufacturing site (like 3DHubs). It helps keep me in printing shape while waiting for the next burst of inspiration.

Learn some openSCAD.

Just design a small toy and sell it on eBay lol

@Gerald_Dachs no i’m still testing and i’m pretty scared to upgrade because if it beaks itself then i can’t send it back because i changed it. @Jonathon_Thrumble what is spiral mode?

Lots of trinkets on thingiverse to try. Spiral mode is a setting in some slicers where the result will be the print head printing a continuously rising path around the perimeter of the object. It makes for pretty vases, but the wall is thin.

@Spark_356 prints one constant line slowly raising z axis. For vases mainly. Gives you a fast fun print.

Look through the Thingiverse Featured Things collections. They’re usually great.