I didn't think it would really do that...

I didn’t think it would really do that… but with some MoS2 and Cutting @5mm/ 75% power it does engrave metal.

However, that doesn’t work on any material. Tried a brushed Zippo and even with the Marking-Setting @3mm/second and 75% it didn’t work (although it took almost 45 minutes for a small graphic i could still wash it off easyly .)

But the knife is good… don’t know what material it is, it just says “rostfrei” (rustfree)

“rostfrei” is German for stainless steel.

thanks for the correct translation. :slight_smile:

But that still doesn’t tell what exact material it is… I’ll try some V2A this week, that may be also working.
Zippo + swiss army-knife doesn’t work (except burning the grip on your swiss army knife. :frowning: )

Zippo is Chrome Plated. Tough and Highly reflective.
All sorts of Stainless seem to work with Moly spray, but I’m not surprised the Chrome laughs at the long wave laser.