I did something very stupid.  I switched the power inputs to my RAMBo controller.

I did something very stupid. I switched the power inputs to my RAMBo controller. Anyone else done this and only had to replace the blow fuses, not the entire board? (Looking for peace of mind right now :slight_smile: )

The RAMBo has built-in reverse polarity protection that, ideally, only blows the fuse(s?). It should be good to go once you replace that.
Let us know how it goes!

And to further confuse things, the conventions for 120v wiring is that black is live and white is neutral. I noticed that you have it backwards on your PS. I can’t see the other end of your 120v wires. The wide blade on the 120v plug is neutral and if you’re using a cut up power cord that wide blade should be connected to the white wire in the cable.

True, the only colors you should be using for low-voltage DC are red and black. Everything else just doesn’t make sense…

It’s been over a decade since my one embedded systems class in college, so I really have no idea what I’m doing. Anyone know of a good primer online for wiring colors, gauge size, type, etc.

For low voltage wiring, there isn’t much in terms of stndards:

The most common low-voltage color conventions are black (an/or sometimes green) for ground and red is typically your positive voltage.

For 120v wiriing, bare/green is ground, black/red are hot, and neutral/return is white (except when it’s not - electricians will often put a piece of black electrical tape on a white wire to indicate that its hot - this happens for some combinations of switches/lights etc). neutral and ground are typically connected together at one place in your house (often in the main panel).