I designed these laser-cut, paper baffles.

I designed these laser-cut, paper baffles. They work really well with “The intelligent Matrix” (aka TiM). Check it out @Kevin_Osborn @Anool_Mahidharia @Katherine_Woulfe .

Joyce is totally psyched. wants it for our new kitchen. Can you cut me one for a two panel (square) version? I really like your colors too.

they look fantastic! they can’t all be individual paper pixels are they?

They’re nice. I’d love to see the source image.

Can you make these? I would be willing to pay for a set? need 4" squares 20x20 or 10x30

or post the svg / pdf :slight_smile:


My laser cutter is branded exacto… :frowning:

I would love to try something like this for the led wand.

I am going to re-cut the tube and I will let you know. Might me mid of this week or next D:. Have an illness in the family.