I designed and 3D printed a new wheel bracket for my daughters suitcase.

I designed and 3D printed a new wheel bracket for my daughters suitcase. She was happy and the suitcase didn’t go on retirement yet.

Great application and something that usually would have resulted in a garbage destined bag!


Look nice, but what about cost? I think it`s expencive

That looks like only a few bucks of material, and some time to reverse engineer and design the part in cad.

@1111182 given the volume of that bracket, it would have probably cost less than $2 in material and electrical power to print.

Since @raykholo had access to the original part and could take measurements, he would only need to model it. Maybe a couple of hours to shape and refine.

So, yeah, very very cost effective. And fairly easy to do.

Great job, Ray.

@Wing_Wong I’m not the one who made it. Look at the name of the person who made the original post. But thanks. )

@raykholo doh! My bad! @Brian_Johansen , awesme modelling work. :slight_smile:

@Wing_Wong what price for 1 cm3 ? Our local prices about 0,3-0,7$ for 1 cm3

Thanks a lot, well the price was not important, given the low price on ABS - and the wheel from a rollerblade i had anyway.

3D printing is not just a quick and inexpensive way to extend the life of things we buy, it is also much more convenient than calling the supplier and arranging spare parts to be shipped to us.

Well done!

One of the things i like about 3D printing is that when something is broken you can almost always make a new part and replace it. Micro manufacturing is the way to extend the lifecycle of many things.

very true.

I believe that it is a truism of modern manufacturing that stuff is designed to last just long enough to outlast the warranty.

So many little plastic bits break inside the things we buy - just over 2 years after we buy them!

Home 3D printing prevents a lot of waste by allowing us to easily replace those bits that are designed to barely outlast their warranty.