I decided to start a blog for this project.

I decided to start a blog for this project. Looking for community feedback as i go. No specific goals other than have fun, and, a functional printer

Hi, you might consider making the frame 30/40% larger than the bed and fitting the NEMA17’s inside it. This will make cladding the box much easier Also removing the extruder motor from the gantry and using a Bowden tube dramatically enhances (less weight) the control and power usage (less heat from motors and drivers) of the x/y drives. Enjoy, great fun.

@Chris_Dunleavy Great suggestions! The extruder is located on the right in the image above, outside of the frame. It will in fact be a bowden setup. The motor on the left is for the X axis and is mounted on the cross-beam and moves front to back when the Y axis moves. Like you said, this should allow the acrylic panels to just bolt right to the exterior of the frame with regular Tnuts. Trying to make something of a mashup of the ultimaker UM3 and the BCN3D sigma r17 and my own ideas.

better pic
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