i decided, back in april,

(Onyx Ashanti) #1

i decided, back in april, to mod my little reprap for dual extrusion which commenced 4 months of component swaps, rebuilds and material calibration, all so i could print sensors eventually. the time was not wasted and now i can reliably print sensors that actually work (although i am still printing the nylon a little bit too hot)

one side note is that although the f-electric filament will print “onto” the nylon, it doesnt actually bond with it so sensors will have to be printed on PLA and then attached to the nylon forms, rather than integrated.

(Wes Makes Stuff) #2

very cool

(Xzz) #3

Great stuff ! Do you plan to print more complex circuit ?

(Onyx Ashanti) #4

yes. this is just a sketch to gett a feel for the pressure ranges and currency flow dynamics of printed wires and sensors. these sensors are going to form the basis of all pressure sensing in my exo-voice project, as well as replacing the wires and other circuits.