I created a demo video of importing a Bottom layer circuit from Eagle to

I created a demo video of importing a Bottom layer circuit from Eagle to Chilipeppr and then milled it on my ShapeOko2. The mill came out great. Check out the video on You Tube. Im also working on a SMD (Top Layer) demo too.

Stay tuned

@Michael_Omiccioli ​​​​​ What exactly end-mill are you using for milling? I thought 0.6mm endmill is easy to crack when milling traces.

How about the noise problems, don’t you have false positive from the limit switches when running a job?

Could you share details (list of components) of the Hall effect limit switches? The LEDs showing switch status must be a great help.


I have been using .6mm end mills for a while. The key is keeping the feed rate down and not going to deep on the cuts. My sweet spot is .3 deep and 100 mm/s on PCBs. Those are conservative but safe I will be patient in return for a successful mill. The end mills are cheap one from China (Amazon or eBay). I tend break from stupid mistakes. :frowning:

As for the limit switches I have only once had a noise issue and there again my own fault. I use a shop vac with a metal tip and got too close. My limit switches are simple “Hall Effect” sensors that I designed from other examples. They are fairly impervious to noise. In addition I twisted all the leads to further help cut noise. So I have been fortunate that noise is not an issue.

As for the LEDs they are cool and a big help in validating what tripped. I depend on them mostly for homing. If I move the head and loose alignment I can re-home and go back to my starting point and I all set. There are a couple of videos on my You Tube that demonstrate them.

Thanks for this demo. Looks like it works very nicely.

Just as a heads up, if you are milling a Top layer you don’t need to do any mirroring. Only for Bottom layer do you have to mirror. Eventually we’ll get native support for the Bottom layer in the widget. For now this video is a great way to do the mirror workaround.

John I just did a top layer video and should be visible soon. I have validated I can now mill SMD circuits. Chilipeppr is awesome!

Cool. I just tried to view the vid and it’s still processing. Can’t wait to watch it.

Very nice explain! Love to watch it :slight_smile: