I couldn't get the leveled gcode from chillipepper.

I couldn’t get the leveled gcode from chillipepper.
So here are the photos of the first few lines of my original and leveled gcode.
I replaced my Gshield and Arduino but no use.
I used
Zcut= -0.0508
bit= 0.1mm 15 degree Vbit
JSON= v1.86

And another thing is that in most time no dots showed when I clicked Autofill. I had to restart my system and browser several times to do that.



If noted it correctly after the probing of first point “lowest z:0.043”

I think the Gcode looks correctly modified and the new Z values that were injected look reasonable. So the question is, does it just come out wrong when you mill? Is this referring to the past PCB you were milling? If so then I think it’s just your milling hardware now because this gcode looks good.


Can you take a look into the video I posted. It’s the same PCB design. Hardware issue?are you referring to the controller or CNC.
I changed the Gshield but still have the same problem
What about having trouble when click auto level, sometimes there are no dots and I can’t view leveled gcode .
Is that normal?could this affect my probing?
Like I said in my first commend chilipeppr showed z: 0.043 when finished the probing of first point, then how it became 0.0056.
I know I’m asking a lot things , I’m trying to make this work for the past 1 week

I hate to point out the obvious, but it looks like you’re trying to mill traces with a depth of zero which pretty much will get you no traces. Why are you doing that? 2 oz copper on a PCB tends to be 0.2mm thick. Why are you not milling with at least 0.2mm of depth if not 0.25 or 0.3? You are milling with a depth of zero which obviously would not work??? I noticed this a while ago but some people do it this way but they create a G54 offset down 0.2mm or so and then mill. You did not do that in your video. What are you using to create your gcode for milling the PCB? ChiliPeppr has an Eagle BRD import with defaults that would help save you.

@jlauer I’m ot much familer with this PVB milling, doing it for the first time . I found one project in inventables https://www.inventables.com/projects/pcb-milling-on-x-carve
and fllowed the steps (that project recommend a depth of 0.05mm). I will try with a 0.1mm(my Cu board is 1oz) depth next time .
I’m using flatCAM to generate gcode.
What about the prblem in viewing leveled gcode and not appearing dots ?

From watching the video there was no issue viewing the leveled gcode and the dots looked fine, so I’m not sure what problem you might be referring to.

Sometimes when I load a file and click auto level there are no dots appearing. I’ve read about the same issue in a post few days ago in this community. Even when I restart my browser it won’t appear sometime.
About viewing gcode, in one of your video in youtube I saw when you clicked " view leveled gcode" a window opened you could see all the modified values, that is not happening in my case (that may be an old version of chilipeppr)

Can you give me a way to reproduce that? I’ve never heard of that happening? Do you perhaps have a screenshot or a video of it? Can you open your Javascript console and show any errors if/when that happens?