I could not wait any longer for the bed heater to arrive so my

I could not wait any longer for the bed heater to arrive so my son and I wanted to see how it would print … after reassembly the Z-gantry and build plate (lot easier with help) we tried a test print of a square with a cylinder. We warmed up the build plate with a heat gun and after screwing up all the settings in Slic3r settings in Pronterface we finally see a recognizable object. I wonder if there is a noob setting for all the variables we have?

This was printed using black ABS maybe PLA would be easier to start with? I am using the largest Volcano 1.2mm nozzle which I have incorrectly set to .5 (default). The first few prints I mistakenly set the extruder multiplier to 2 and 4, all the extruder did was burn rubber on the fillament thus causing a lot of missfeed, and finally going back to default of 1 (default) worked out and after reading about this setting a 4 = 400 percent is much too high! DUH!

Yes ABS on a cold bed doesn’t work to well. But great to see you making progress :slight_smile:

I love seeing more printers come to life. Great work.

You COULD buy a spool of PLA…it’ll stick pretty well to that Blue tape if you rub it down with Alcohol.

Blue tape is mostly known to work with PLA anyway. For ABS, you want kapton if you’re using a tape.

Small pieces might work with ABS on an unheated platform, but you would need a couple tricks combined. You would need to experiment.

Thanks for the advice, I got some PLA and it was a little easier to print without heating the bed. I am trying .60 nozzle. Is there a way to auto start the hot end fan when it is heated up