I converted a CNC3040Z-DQ to tinyg v8. So far everything works.

I converted a CNC3040Z-DQ to tinyg v8. So far everything works. But when i run the Chilipeppr logo, i run into error 201 - MINIMUM_LENGTH_MOVE when drawing the “C”. I can resume from that point without a problem. Later the same error occurs again when drawing the chili.

Any idea what i am doing wrong?

Hit refresh. We just turned the error checking back off from the deployment last night.

BTW, your 3040 conversion looks gorgeous. It looks just like mine! I have to say I am in love with my 3040 vs my Shapeokos. The accuracy I get from the 3040 is killer and my ability to mill aluminum is wayyyy beyond what I use to be able to do on Shapeoko.

I was fighting the 201 error all day today as well. Was there a bug earlier @jlauer ?

It was not a bug, rather a feature released to finally convey the errors that TinyG sends back. What we realized is that it overly reports errors that really are just warnings and so we rolled back the change because it was too disruptive. We’ll re-deploy it but with less impact like not having a popup dialog or a feedhold getting triggered.

Got error 201 yesterday all the time… :stuck_out_tongue:

Ok thanks, good to know. :slight_smile:

@jlauer Where did you by your 3040? I see they sell these machines as mechanical kits for about 4-500 USD from china. I have just set up my X-carve and know it will be great for milling large objects in wood/mdf etc. But curious to what the precision will be when milling small aluminium objects…so I am thinking about a possible machine number two (once you pop you can’t stop :smiley: )


Thanks! Found your youtube video documenting how to convert the machine … Sweet. But since I only need machine parts I may get it cheaper from Ali or eBay.

Yeah, I keep thinking it’s not worth buying all the stuff that gets thrown away. I do think ballscrews are key. I also kind of like linear rails too, although my rails seem fine. I would have gotten more than a 300w spindle. I’m liking the 2.2kw cuz it can cut carbon steel.

Woha! Do you cut steel on the 3040???

You sure can if you have a spindle over 1kw.

Oh. I will seriously need to consider that machine.