I changed some parameters,

(Stefan Petrick) #1

I changed some parameters, the colormapping and added another dynamic filter mask for the brightness. That causes more tips of the flames break free from the base.
Not really sure if I´m coming closer to a good illusion or not.
I mean while perceiving the most interesting part happens behind the eyes not in front of them. I´ll leave it for now and maybe come back to it one day.

Some insights which might sound trivial to some of you but hopefully inspire some others.

An LED animation needs basically 3 steps:
A) Generating the raw data. Pseudorandom changes tend to look more interesting than periodic repetetive ones.
B) Creating a colormapping that brings out the interesting details.
C) Postprocessing the result like filtering to get rid of artifacts and make the appearing more pleasant.


(Ken White) #2

Wow, Wow and WOW. Great Improvement! Are these changes in your GitHub code? Thank you for sharing your insights that are very helpful to me.

(Stefan Petrick) #3

Thank you Ken and no, the code is not published (yet).

(Jason Coon) #4

Looks amazing, Stefan!

(Andrew Tuline) #5

Wowser! Now THAT is a fire. Oh, and the diffusion is just right. Makes me want to get a 16x16 matrix to experiment with. . . . Just ordered 2.

Will also have to convert my 2 line fire routine to 2D and see how that works.

(Sam Guyer) #6

That looks fantastic!

(Marc Miller) #7

Great update Stefan.

(Stefan Petrick) #8

Guys, I´m really happy to see so many known names in the fire effects threads comments! Nice that you are all still arround. :slight_smile:

(Stefan Petrick) #9


(варешяф рйезот) #10

Not really sure if I´m coming closer to a good illusion or not.
Of course!
We need to remember, that really looks leds are slight different, than on video!
My modern phone takes photo and video very-very worse, than old Canon S3 IS.
As I see - your video looks like in reality, it is near it. But there are difference for eyes and brain in any case of camera quality )

But your video is like reality! Video!!! I think in reality it looks not LIKE, but SAME as real fire )

(Stefan Petrick) #11

The real framerate ranges now from 70 up to 200 fps. The camera captures only 50 of it. So in reality it´s way more fluent and smooth than in the video.

(Jeremy Williams) #12

@Stefan_Petrick Oh yeah! That is a great fire effect. Hope you consider releasing the code in time for Halloween. :slight_smile:

(Stefan Petrick) #13
(Andrew Tuline) #14

Again, the man comes up with the code. Amazing!

(Stefan Petrick) #15

My pleasure, @Andrew_Tuline :slight_smile:

(Stefan Petrick) #16

@Daniel_Garcia @Mark_Kriegsman

(Jeremy Williams) #17

@Stefan_Petrick Thanks for the source! I ran both versions and think I prefer the first one, if only for the color palette. The brightness at the bottom feels a little more realistic. My 11yo son even commented on how cool it is, so major victory there. Nice work as always, Stefan.

(Jeremy Williams) #18

@Stefan_Petrick I put a couple bare Game Frame panels in my garage windows running your code. You can’t overstate how great it looks! If it weren’t Halloween, I think it would concern people. Thanks Stefan!

(Marc Miller) #19

@Jeremy_Williams Oooh that does look good there. I totally know what you mean about being careful not to raise alarm with a fire effect!

(Stefan Petrick) #20

@Jeremy_Williams A great illusion to have several independant GameFrames next to each other.
Maybe also worth a try to stack 2x2 or even more and let them render one big animation… Like having a Teensy 3.6 rendering it all and just stream the data to the GameFrames…just thinking loud. …Or easier to just connect the APAs with each other and run it all from one controller. It would only need a modified XY function to send the right data to the right leds.