I can't print anything with overhangs without the edges curling up and affecting the

I can’t print anything with overhangs without the edges curling up and affecting the print head on later layers. I’m using PLA, and I’ve got a desk fan going on the print (no 40mm case/cpu fan yet)… but it still happens. What gives? This print is at 180. Do I just need to print cooler overall?

While my experience is only with ABS, Curling happens because of rapid temperature change. It can be a culprit of layer temperature difference, infill temp difference, breezes, weird looks, etc.

I’d recommend turning off your fan and seeing what happens. The purpose of the fan is to cool the immediate layer asap to reduce curling, your desk fan may be providing too much cooling.

That makes sense. I’ll try that out. Thanks!

Try a very, very weak solution of pva glue and water, this normally helps with holding the first layer. Don’t make it to strong otherwise the part is impossible to get off without damaging the bed

@Sandblastcity_Blackp this is an issue about curl, which typically occurs on steep overhangs, no matter how far you are into the print. What you’re trying to fix with PVA is warp, which is a symptom caused by all the same things, but happening on a macroscopic level.

@Sandblastcity_Blackp Amusingly, I managed to fix my primary problem with sticking just tonight. But thanks for the tip. My real problem is that nothing with overhang will print correctly.

@Aaron_Eiche I forgot to mention that the side of the print that was pointed away from the fan is what was curling the most, so the desk fan might not be too strong. I’ll still try it out without any fan tonight, though.

I’m printing one of these: http://www.thingiverse.com/thing:84075

I don’t have a fan going, and the curl still happened, though it was less then before. It at least got to the part where it started going straight up, so that’s good. The curl is mostly on the right side (higher X values), even without the fan going.