I can't get Chilipeppr to connect today. Worked fine yesterday. Jason sever appears fine.

I can’t get Chilipeppr to connect today. Worked fine yesterday. Jason sever appears fine. I tried Universal G Code sender and the machine works. Tried turning the board off, rerunning Jason server, and every button I could find in Chilipeppr. Any thoughts?

Does CP connect to the SPJS? Does it provide an expected connection port? What OS is SPJS running on? You did disconnect (kill) UGS before starting SPJS, correct?

The SPJS looks fine and when I select USB in CP it gives me a value in the box below. The same problem happened before I installed UGS but I did kill it. I’m using Win7 on a 64bit Dell. Everything worked fine yesterday.

Can you describe what happens (or does not happen) when you select the Com port in the SPJS Widget (lower right corner of CP display)
Any error messages or unusual responses in the Serial Port widget (lower left)?

What error are you seeing? If the SPJS can’t access a port it shows an exclamation point and the error if you hover over it. Are you getting that?

No everything looks fine but I have no communication with the board. $$ returns just a few characters. I shut it down and will retry in the morning.

In windows I think spjs needs to run as administer, could that be the problem?

Shouldn’t be since it ran on the same computer yesterday. In the morning I will reboot and try again. With Windows sometimes that’s all it takes. Thanks.

i’m also having this problem today. Sometimes it connects to the tinyg but won’t actually communicate and then if i disconnect it and try and reconnect i get the can’t access port error. If i connect to tinyg with tgfx everything seems to work fine…??

I sometimes find I have to pull the USB cable and plug back in to get the operating system to reset everything. I also sometimes find resetting TinyG is needed. This is rare though. Also, make sure you are not locking the port with another app like TgFX such that when you go back to CP you can’t acquire the port.

Hey John. Cheers for the reply. Only opened tgfx to see if it would run through there which it did. Unplugged and reset multiple times with no effect. Updated firmware and downloaded latest json.

When i do manage to get it to connect the planner buffer comes up “unknown” and if i try and send a command the area that displays how many lines need to be sent just starts filling up…sorry if that doesn’t make any sense not sure what everything is called!


Well, if it works sometimes and not others that’s the part that is
baffling. It sounds to me like TinyG is crashed or possibly just in a
feedhold state such that it can’t process anything. How do you fix this
scenario usually? Does a reset of TinyG solve it?

Sorry think i may have confused it there. I haven’t used my tinyg for a couple of weeks, this is the first time i’m having problems.

Today, when i did manage to get CP to connect to tinyg i still couldn’t get it to send any commands. Then if i reset tinyg and try and connect again i would get can’t connect to port error.
I’m home from work now, so tomorrow i will try with another computer. Just seems funny that all of a sudden i am having issues.

@Greg1 Greg, if you are running SPJS on Linux machine (including RasPi), resetting tinyG while connected to the Linux computer will likely cause the reset tinyG to appear on an incremented port, e.g. /dev/ttyusb1 rather than /dev/tty/usb0 in the /dev tree. SPJS may still show both ports available, but in this example /dev/usb0 is not a functional connection any more.
I find it best to remove the tinyG USB from the computer port, manually reset tinyG, wait for boot to complete, then replug tinyG to the computer, then reconnect to SPJS. Look carefully at what ports SPJS offers up for connection.

This morning I tried to reconnect with no luck. This is what I get from a $$:
Under Port List, Tinyg is selected when USB is checked a blue box shows 57.

I downloaded and ran Version 1.80 A serial port JSON websocket with no apparent problems. I’m running as administrator.

Can I communicate with the machine directly from the command line with SPJS?

@David_Anderson It sounds to me like tinyG is not connected(the 57 in blue box) to SPJS.
The {“ej”:""}, is not FROM tinyG, it is, I believe, a command inserted by CP TO tinyG to keep CP in sync after the command executes(JohnL can say exactly). Did tinyG get reset over night?
Try this sequence: 1. disconnect tinyG USB from computer. 2. Hit reset button on tinyG 3. On CP, in SPJS Widget, click the red icon to restart SPJS(wait a few seconds) 4. Replug tinyG to computer. 5. In the SPJS widget, reconnect to tinyG. Watch the CP Serial Port console, a series of commands are sent to tinyG, Do they all complete?6. If yes, enter a $ command on the Serial Console, you should get a short response from tinyG

SPJS is not able to communicate to your TinyG. Did you reset your TinyG? Including actually powering it down? Or yanking the USB cable and re-inserting?

I think I would like to see a small video that shows you connecting and using tgfs and then switching and (failing to) connect using ChiliPeppr. I have the strong feeling something is getting lost in the word descriptions of the problem. To me it feels like you’re selecting the wrong USB device in ChiliPeppr … but that’s a theory, which is the best you’re going to get if we don’t see it.

Here you go

@David_Anderson TinyG is not responding, yellow checkmarks in Serial Port Console and outgoing buffer growth. Kevin is a Windows guy, perhaps he can suggest how to look for USB diagnostic messaging. Cloud be as simple (and impossible to predict) as a USB cable or connector gone bad.