I can't find a part list for alle needed bearings, screws, Parts...

(Michael Heck) #1

I can’t find a part list for alle needed bearings, screws, Parts… Is there a List? German Warehouses or Hobbyking are best for me.

(Benjamin Groves) #2

I found the version on GitHub has a list of materials.

(Romain Dolbeau) #3

There is some inaccuracies in Bryan’s BOM, including wrong sized bearings and a few missing screws. I’ve posted a link to my updated copy in this group. I try to keep it up-to-date with my findings while I build my own Truggy.

(Daniel Norée) #4


(Daniel Norée) #5

@Michael_Heck I´m about to order parts for 3 more cars! =)

(Romain Dolbeau) #6

@Daniel_Noree Nice BOM ; did you remove the two M3x6 screws in a new version (they are not on the BOM)? And what do you use for the ball-head screws?

Also, related questions: what do you use for grease/oil in the differentials?

(Daniel Norée) #7

@Romain_Dolbeau Sorry, the BOM is incomplete, i will be going over all the documentation when i got the time.

I don´t use grease in the diffs. I used to but since i open them up alot when replcaing the axle shafts it´s just messy.

(Romain Dolbeau) #8

@Daniel_Noree I’ve had to put some grease in my diffs, are they are way too tight. I must be doing something wrong. But it’s a great way to learn 3D printing :slight_smile:
Again, thanks a lot for all the hard work on this great project.

(Daniel Norée) #9

@Romain_Dolbeau The diffs are made that way. What i do is put everything together and then run it with a powerdrill to let the gears wear in and after that it runs smoothly.

(Michael Heck) #10

Thanks for all your response. Still printing all the parts :slight_smile:

(Romain Dolbeau) #11

@Michael_Heck In germany, Conrad.de should be a good source for most of the screws, the CVDs, compatible tires&rims if you don’t want to print them (I got all of that from the french branch).
Bearings are harder to find. I got mine from amazon marketplace for dirt cheap (10 for about 4€ !), but conrad will charge you 3-5 € each :frowning:

(Michael Heck) #12

I found all bearings at http://hobbydirekt.de, but where can i get the Rods?

(Romain Dolbeau) #13

Never could find the rods at the right size. I found a metal shop willing to make them, but the price was absurdly high (same price for a 18mm rod than the original 1000mm piece it was cut from!)
So I bought cheap steel 1000m rods (in 2mm and 3mm diameter) from a local hobby shop, and I cut them by hand (with a conrad #822259-62 :-).