I cant connect to it whith my cnc v3 sheild it connects but says

I cant connect to it whith my cnc v3 sheild it connects but says its offline

We’re going to need a lot more info bud. Post a screenshot of your entire screen please and let us know what your entire hardware setup consists of.

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i have a cnc v3 with A4988 drivers i have a arduino clone Geekcreit™ UNO R3 ATmega328P

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and it works in univerdal gcode sender

Is this a Carvey/ Inventables machine?

its a homemade cnc based off this

Is it possible you left it connected in UGS and thus CP can’t access the port? It looks like the checkbox is checked, but that 99 in your buffer progress bar shows that it’s not processing any commands from CP at all. You sure your board sends back newlines and OKs like all Grbl devices cuz that’s how CP knows a line is processed.

wahst exaxtly is ugs and cp? sorry new to this

You mentioned it works in Universal gcode Sender (that’s what John means with UGS) and he suspects the Port could still be blocked by UGS so your Connection attempt fails…


yea just restarted my computer and just opened chilipepr and this it what i got
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and has anyone accually used a cnc v3 with chilipepr?

Ok, so Chilipeppr doesn’t connect, does UGS still do so? If so then maybe it’s retaining the port?

yea i think it is doing that how would i fix that?

To start, it might be a good idea to disconnect in UGS and close that program, then try again in Chili. Restart your computer if you need to, and try again.

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This doesn’t really help us with anything.

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