I can't connect my k40 laser to my laptop

I’m using hp laptop, windows 10, 64 bits

succesfully installed whisperer and inkscape. When trying the laser it said error libUSB. I was able to use the test the laser button with succes. But the laser won’t connect via the usb to my laptop.

I did switch on the k40 laser before installing the driver, but it just can’t seem to find it. No sound or whatever when i plug in the usb.

As you might be able to tell. I am not that good with computers, so i do need your help.

Found some ideas on the internet, but none helped me with my problem.

Uploaded a photo of the controller, cause someone might know if that is my problem.

Also tried lightburn 0.9.16, can’t seem to find the device then as well.

I have heard that USB cables are often a problem, especially the one that comes with the machine.
Did the USB connect with the software that came with the machine?

Don’t think Lightburn is compatible with that controller is it???

Note: the laser test button is completely separate from the controller.

LightBurn is not compatible with the stock controller you have.

Not being able to find it at all feels more like a windows driver thing than a USB cable thing, if the laser isn’t firing. USB problems from noise are more likely to show up while the laser is firing.

Driver is a good bet.
My point was that I have seen some of the USB cables (I had one) that just did not work at all. Must have been wired wrong or not at all.