I can't believe it's actually printing (rightmost z screw is wonky).

I can’t believe it’s actually printing (rightmost z screw is wonky). The z screws are being replaced tomorrow but I just had to try out nylon and I’ll be darned if I won’t get a successful print in just an hour or two

Nice. Mine is still in transit.

Printbot or nylon? Either way you shouldn’t be disappointed. I should clarify, the reason I’m amazed it’s printing is because the right z screw popped out.

I meant some nylon filament is in transit.

It seems to be very forgiving. I haven’t calibrated the extrusion rate, The extrusion rate seemed pretty good with what i had set for PLA. I set the head to to 240c from the start and the bed is glue stick on old hair spray on heated glass @40c. The first layers from my first three failed nylon prints wouldnt scrape off with a razor blade. Hopefully this tiki head will come off once the base cools.

@luke_bradeen , use a thin piece of plywood (doesn’t matter the type of wood, but the more dense the better), and you can print Nylon without a heated bed. It also sticks much better than anything I’ve tried, though less dense woods tend to get ripped up a little.

@ThantiK I’ll definitely give that a try once i get icurling on the glue/glass board. I’m going to keep pushing this though because it means I don’t have to swap out boards and adjust Z stops.

The one thing I don’t love about my printrbot is just how the z endstop works. One of these days I’ll finally print out that knob to put on the z screw, than it should be better

That’s my plan as soon as I replace the screws.

Are the pb bed levelers a good investment? I’ve been thinking about ordering one

They came with my PB+ so I don’t have any experience without them. I find them absolutely necessary because my board’s a little warped but can be flat enough with glass and the bed levelers. At this point I think i’m just going to replace the bed with something else altogether rather than get a new wood one and possibly have it warp.