i cannot get the json to connect to the cnc.

i cannot get the json to connect to the cnc. i keep getting an “ajax serial port error”. any help?

Screenshots can help us debug. We have no context of your setup.

I have an r7 cnc. Any other info you need just let me know. Thanks

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missing/deleted image from Google+

missing/deleted image from Google+

Well, that doesn’t help too much. It would be an entire screenshot that really helps, but in the meantime my guess would be you aren’t connected to Serial Port JSON Server and my next guess would be you aren’t running Serial Port JSON Server. You need to download/run that.

@Allen_Burchette have you downloaded the Serial port JSON? Lower right hand side of the screen. Download. Once downloaded a small black serial port screen will pop open.

Go back to John’s awesome Chilipeppr.

Power the TinyG.

Listen for your PC’s audible connection sound.

Lower Right hand corner, in the serial port window look for the USB connection.

Select TinyG.


Let us know how this goes.