I built the Eustathios printer,

I built the Eustathios printer, but stretched made it with twice the z build height. I’m now getting z wobble and was thinking of converting to using v slot like the HercuLien. Has anyone done this before, any advice on converting?

I really like V-slot / V-Wheel combo as the guides on Z. Another option would be ground linear guides instead of shafts or v-slot (see the image below as an example on a project I have been working on). The price of these ground guides and blocks is a lot lower now a days, and they are more compact. That being said the v-slot Z-stage on HercuLien has always been unbelievably repeatable for me. So you can’t go wrong.

@Eclsnowman that looks familiar :slight_smile:

@Eclsnowman I have two of those in the garage but they are horizontal only. Do you get any deflection in your valor?

For those unfamiliar with apple’s autodecorrect, valor = vslot :slight_smile:

@raykholo thanks

@Rick_Sollie HercuLien has 20x80 as the z-guides. The 80 is in the direction deflection forces would be. If you deflect that… You are doing it wrong :slight_smile:

But seriously, the wheels being cantilevered on 5mm bolts would be your source of deflection. But if it helps I haven’t releveled my HercuLien is a year+