I built a small 3D printer for my kid.

I built a small 3D printer for my kid. Of course I had to incorporate laser cutting into the project! It’s pretty basic, but I’m pleased with the results. The controller box and the faceplate for the printer were both done on my K40 using LW3/4.

Very cool

Can I have a copy of the files for the box with LCD?

@Mike_Donlon Here’s the file: https://drive.google.com/open?id=0B1kvMudpU9EMU2FORFZtajZVU1k
Please note: I originally designed it for 6mm ply, but the batch I had was bad, so I ended up doubling up 3mm ply. The faceplate for the LCD needs to be done in 3mm because it’s two pieces stacked in such a way that there isn’t a gap between the faceplate and case.

Just FYI, the case is very tight. It was lots of fun to wire. :frowning:

@K1111 ​ thanks!

Do you think there’s any room for a pi in there lol?