I built a Prusa Mendel i2 about a year ago and it was a

I built a Prusa Mendel i2 about a year ago and it was a good printer until lately when I keep having to change out parts and dedicating a lot of work to up keep. I was thinking about building a new printer like a delta 3d printer which looks like less hassle when it comes to up keep. I like the delta for the large print volume. What im wondering is would it better to build a delta or buy a commercial printer when it comes to up keep and print size. I enjoyed the building of the printer and how it works but im to a point that I just want to be able to print stuff with minimal hassle

build a delta or buy a commercial printer

Well jeez, Cartesian printers are completely out of the question? Why? The Prusa Mendel is just flat out an old design - but it can be reliable. Deltas don’t inherently have a larger print volume, it’s just that their inefficiencies span vertically, something a lot of us have spare as far as space goes.

They are not out of the question I mainly was looking at the delta because I like the large print area and it looks fairly simple to build with minimal parts

I’m lookin at my Epson printer and thinking I had no problems with the space it takes up for it’s 8.5x11x0.1 build envelope…it’d make a pretty good cartesian space.

(Now I’m off to invent the 3d printer that’ll also lay toner on paper)

lol nice

With the right modifications, the i2 can be brought up to be pretty reliable.

What kind of modifications

Mostly a rigid bed mounting system, a reliable hot end, and stiff Z endstops for me.