I bought RockBee because of an Arduino instruction manual!

I purchased one of RockBee’s 73 kits for Arduino, and to be honest I was intrigued by his R3 instruction manual, and the review had this instruction manual with experiments and code in it, so I thought I’d get it and try it out to see if it would be a good fit for my kids. I’ll let everyone know when I get them.
RockBee UNO R3 73 kit


I’ve picked up the Super Starter Kits for use in intro classes just to get kits the kids could possibly get parents to purchase at home. They are ~$40 but that RockBee kit looks amazing. Same parts as the Super Starter Kit but lots of extras too.

Looking forward to hearing what you think of the experiment examples.

I think it is worth recommending! I’ve bought other Arduino kits before, but RockBee’s kit feels perfect to me!!!..
The real gem in this kit is the comprehensive user/project guide. It is a complete, easy to follow tutorial, plus all the other free resources (development software and environments) that are available to make sure you can master the material. Frankly, while this kit contains a lot of hardware, the tutorial is where its real value lies.
I tried one of the experiments, I wanted to verify that if I were a beginner I could complete any of them, so I didn’t use too much of my expertise, the experimental code was opened directly from inside the electronic manual he gave me (yes RockBee also has an electronic documentation package with a lot of information and tutorials), and in the end the experiment worked, it was a smooth process! The rest of the experimental examples I did not go to verify, but I feel that it should not be bad, at least now Rockbee gives me the feeling that it is perfect! I’ll let my kids verify the rest of the examples!