I apologize John Lauer  if this is not the best place to post bug

I apologize @jlauer if this is not the best place to post bug reports. Just let me know where to post it if there is a better place.

The first time this happened, I thought it was a fluke, or I did something wrong. But then it happened again, so I took a picture of the screen.

What happened was I was jogging the machine around, both with my jog dial and with the onscreen buttons. I zeroed the machine. I also used the touch plate widget to set zero (which by the way, I would love if it remembered my touch plate thickness if I’m logged in - I have to type that in every time). Then, after moving around a bit with the jog dial, I went to move the bit down in Z using the onscreen button, and it started moving really far and not stopping. It did this earlier but moving up in Z. Since I had to use feed hold and was forced to reset, I lost all my G92 setup. I had to use feed hold before it tore into my stock material since there is no limit switch in that direction!

I know the picture isn’t that clear, but if you zoom in to the upper right you can see that I hit the -Z button and that the Move by is set to 1. But if you look in the GCODE that was sent, it sent a G91G0Z-100. -100!

It also seems to be that even though the “1” is pressed and was working earlier, if I go and re-click that “1” that it will reset this moveby amount back to the correct “1” amount.

Anyhow, since this is a particularly dangerous bug, I felt obliged to point it out.

Hey Frank, I do think you discovered a bug that was fixed in the TinyG workspace about 9 months ago. Typically bugs fixed in TinyG are picked up automatically by the Grbl workspace because some widgets are shared. Sadly in this case the Axes widget is not shared due to the differences from Grbl to TinyG. So, @Jarret_Luft would have to tweak the code to match how I fixed this bug. From what I recall there is a situation that can happen where the setting can get stuck on a value from hitting shift, ctrl, or the alt key. The event can get lost for keyup and the value doesn’t get set back. I think my bug fix did a double check right at the moment of jogging to ensure it was correct.

On the touch plate, in the TinyG workspace it saves your thickness setting. Jarret could possibly fix that too or you could use the new Startup macro I added a few weeks ago to trigger the setting on your own.

On the G92 getting reset, I think Grbl handles that poorly.

Ok, thanks John.