I am working on a Setup overview video series of a OX CNC build

I am working on a Setup overview video series of a OX CNC build with TinyG. I will also show lots of tips for steppers, board config, limit/homing switches, Chilipeppr & JScut. There is a ton stuff to cover so it will take some time, but here is part 1 of many :slight_smile:

Very helpful video! @Thomas_Shue looking forward to the series.
This would make an excellent resource for OpenBuilds if you find time to post it there, that would be very helpful.
Again great job and thank you for sharing

GREAT information @Thomas_Shue . Thank you for making this video!

Thanks Brandon, and Mark I will post it there too.

@Thomas_Shue Thomas - Your video is a tinyGV8, be a bit careful as tinyGV9 does exist as a development prototype and runs tinyG2 firmware. tinyGV9 is not available for sale as yet, although many folks run tinyG2 on Arduino DUE plus stepper shields or external drivers.
While you are correct that assigning steppers to Motor # can be dealt with in the tinyG configuration file, I’ll note that the approach used by Synthetos when developing documentation is to document with X,Y,Yr,Z assigned to 1,2,3,4.

Thanks Carl… I read the docs, and I wasn’t trying offer a Official tutorial for Synthetos based on the standards they set forth. I am simply trying to offer a baseline to work from. People will still have to tune their machines, and deal with component variations.

Also, I found several conflicts in information (that often left me stumped) while I was struggling to set up the OX with a TinyG. Most of them were caused trying to follow the Shapeoko2 setup information. Anyways, it took me maybe 35 hours to figure this stuff out. My goal here is to offer a baseline example that just works. Most of all, I want to save people the huge effort it took me to get an Ox up and running.

To be quite honest, the stuff I am doing now, should of been done a very long time ago. :wink: There are folks that know this stuff way better than I do.