I am using Laserweb 4 with an OpenBuilds Acro system and an MK6 L-Cheapo

I am using Laserweb 4 with an OpenBuilds Acro system and an MK6 L-Cheapo laser. I really love this new system I built and got amazing support from both companies. However, I am having an issue with Laserweb. I can’t seem to figure out how to properly control the positioning. What I mean is that when I start a job, some of the time the X and Y will go off fast to the corner and hit it’s limits. Sometimes this does not happen and the laser will cut near the middle of my working space. I am not sure why this is inconsistent as I have been always placing my drawings in the center of the workspace on laserweb. I am using an xPRO v3 controller board with the Acro system. Your help is very much appreciated! I will be engraving expensive custom made knives (powder coated etching) and it is critical that I am able to setup a job and have it cut exactly where I intend.

@Ry_Bruscoe do you have Show Machine enabled in Settings/Machine? If yes then try with that off.

If it does not work ill suggest you reset all settings of LW by going to the about tab and click at the end.

I have an Xpro and had not seen this type of behaviour

@Ry_Bruscoe Do you have homing switches on your machine and do a homing before each job? If not, I would suggest to do that.

@Ariel_Yahni_UniKpty Yes I do have the “show machine” enabled in the settings currently. I will re-try it with that option disabled.

@cprezzi No I do not have homing switches. Are those the same as limit switches? I have the OpenBuilds Acro system and I do not believe that it comes with homing switches. I will try to look into this more on the Acro openbuilds info. I was just wondering if Laserweb has some more settings for setting up the positioning. Is there a way to see where the laser is located on the screen in laserweb? That would help me a lot with setting up the positioning. thanks for the help!

I think that this solution might help me: https://openbuilds.com/threads/openbuilds-acro-laser-system.10205/page-2#post-58815

I will try what is recommended in that post and see if that helps me to gain more precise positioning.

The laser location should be displayed in the DRO and the workspace. If this is not the case, you should check that Grbl param $10 is 0, as LW needs work coordinates to detect position.

And if you don’t have limit switches, deactivate soft limits ($20=0), hard limits ($21=0) and homing sequence ($22=0). And deactivate “show machine” in LW, like Ariel wrote.

These suggestions did seem to help a lot! Especially $10=0 as I can now see the live positioning of the laser as it is moving. Thanks!