I am up and running with LW4 - If I use gcode generated from

I am up and running with LW4 - If I use gcode generated from inkscape from an svg it looks good. If I take that same svg and generate the gcode in LW4 i get connecting lines between the objects. I am sure it is a setting but have yet to find it. The laser stays on after the image is burned even when returning to home position.

I also cannot figure out the raster feature. I have tried a few sample images and all I seem to get is burned lines. I have verified that PWM is working but I cannot figure out how to use LW4 to control it. For example I can lower the power settings in LW and it does lower the power of the laser, but past that I am lost.
I have looked for tutorials but have not found anything …yet. I am hoping someone here can point me towards one.


https://cncpro.yurl.ch/videos These should help me out some, still learning.

Have watched several videos now, have learned a lot too, but still have the same problem. Creating an svg in inkscape, then exporting to Gcode using J-tech plugin. It works but does not offer much control, like laser power to start. Laserweb 4.0.996 will take this same SVG file and add in my needed M106 and M107 to turn the laser on and off but it ignores stopping points between layers. I was hoping to use LW4 for vector and raster and I like what I see but if I cant get it to work then I will have to move on.