I am trying to set up a laser on my OX,

(JSY) #1

I am trying to set up a laser on my OX, I have a gecko g540 with a UC300ETH-5LPT ethernet motion controller, running uccnc. I can control the on and off of the laser off the second output of the gecko and using the mist or M7 in uccnc. I am trying to get the pwm off of the gecko to control the power of the laser. I am using the spindle speed control to do this, but am having no luck. I have all the pins setup and if I check the pic low it gives me and output, so I know I have the right pin. I just can get it to work through a command.

Any thoughts

(Ben H) #2

talking co2 here? https://www.facebook.com/pantherqs/videos/vb.510337011/10156094288507012/?type=3 or just diode ?

(JSY) #3

@Ben_H I am just using a 2.5w diode.