I am trying to run a single string of WS2812B with 1152 LEDs total.

I am trying to run a single string of WS2812B with 1152 LEDs total. I am having issues whit digital noise. Any insight?

99.9 % insufficient power distribution !!

Set all pixels to the highest brightness that you plan to use and measure the voltage at various points along your strips. That voltage should not fall below 4.5 Vdc and ideally be closer to 4.9 Vdc.

I’m having the same kind of problem. However the power is fine. My LEDs are flickering and are noisy. My problem stops when I disconnect the data line. What could be the problem here, what causes this?

3.3v data signal to a device expecting 5V signal ??

First a small disclaimer, I’m a total noob on working with arduino and ws2812b, this is my first project. I’m using pin 6 on my Nano for the data line. That’s quite normal isn’t it?

@Ge_rt What type of LEDs and what controller are you using? Also, do you have a ground wire between LED strip and controller?
[edit: you posted the info while I was asking. Thanks]

So it’s a Nano with ws2812b and these two are grounded together.

Hi @Ge_rt , first I admit to possibly stretching some with that 99.9% but power distribution is the likely culprit here. Did you check the voltage levels ???

@JP_Roy Yes, I’ve checked the voltage levels and they are Okay, The problem is also the same whether I’m using 1 LED or all.
When I use the delay function and set it to a couple of seconds the problem is clearly visible. On the moments the data line is ‘updated’ there is a lot of flickering and sometimes even the colors change or the wrong LEDs light up. So it looks like a lot of instability on the data line, the question is, what could be the cause, and how can it be solved?

@Ge_rt Very difficult to diagnose these ‘intermittent’ or ‘noisy like’ type problems remotely but I can make a few suggestions…

Check the contact of all pins, data and power for loose connections.

Can you swap in another Nano and test that ?

Can you swap that 1st strip with another ? Maybe that first pixel is flaky ?

Maybe try a different digital pin for data?
How long is your data line?
Maybe try putting a resistor inline on the data line (try something from 250-500 ohm)?
You mentioned you checked the voltage along the strip and said it was OK, but what were the values you read? I believe slightly too high a voltage can also cause problems with some pixels.
Do you have a capacitor (1000uF 16V) across your pos/neg lines near the start of your LED strip?

@DigitalJax All of the stuff posted so far are things you can consider/test also.