I am trying to figure out the code for 3 color, red white blue,

(Cody Heitman) #1

I am trying to figure out the code for 3 color, red white blue, to move across ws2811 pixels. Can anyone help. I want all pixels on with and slowly move across the strip. Any help would be awsome.

(Andrew Tuline) #2

You might want to try defining a red/white/blue palette and then slowly move that palette along the strip. That would cut down on code/complexity.

The palette index is a uint8_t from 0 to 255, so you may need to scale that index value to the length of your strip.

(Cody Heitman) #3

@Andrew_Tuline I will give that a try. I am still pretty new to this but was playing with the code yesterday and got close but not what I was looking for. Thanks

(Marc Miller) #4

I modified my three moving pixels example, removing the bit that blacked the pixels back out after being advanced, so now the strip just fills up and then scrolls solid blocks of color.)

(Ken White) #5

@Cody_Heitman - Both of these posts include animations that might be what you are looking for:

See the first video see at 20 seconds. See the second video with WS2811 pixels at 20 seconds.


See the first video at 50 seconds.

Both posts have the location of the sketches in GitHub.

(Cody Heitman) #6

Thanks Marc and Ken for your help. I have been tinkering for the past couple of days trying to figure this out. Marc Code is pretty much what I was looking for. I been trying to learn arduino for a couple of months now and this has me all lost. What is the plan for this page when G+ shuts down? It is telling me that my account will go away on the 2nd of apr. Is there another Forum area to get help with fastled?

(Marc Miller) #7

@Cody_Heitman There will be a place for the group somewhere, but nothing has been decided yet.