I am trying to download CorelLaser from the www.3wcad.com site but my virus scanner

I am trying to download CorelLaser from the http://www.3wcad.com site but my virus scanner (and Chrome too) block it as a virus carrier.

Is anyone else experiencing this?
can someone put a clean CorelLaser.exe on a dropbox? I am stuck.

Here’s a link to the CD from the eBay seller I bought my latest machine from that is corel based: https://www.sendspace.com/file/3z123n

Let me know if that triggers your anti virus!

installed and worked! thanks.

now to the next issue: when cutting with CorelLaser the head is slow and changes on the speed setting only affect the in-between moves but not the cutting moves.

Make sure you have the correct board selected in corellaser’s settings. Just check for a sticker on the board in your cutter and select the matching board in corel.

I’m afraid that I have the exact same issue even when I downloaded your file from sendspace. The install software is clean but during the installation process it installs a backdoor trojan (assemble.dll) in the CorelLaser folder. My virus software catches it everytime & the program wont even open without it

@Jeremy_A So, what SW are you running then? Are you using a stand-alone Windows system, virus be damned, or what? I just picked up a K40 as well and am trying to determine the best course of action. I’m in no hurry to start cutting, so if I had to bite the bullet and upgrade to an RDWorks-compatible controller, I could… just would prefer to make sure everything works in stock config before I let the vendor off of the hook.

Fire it up in a VM if you’re concerned about the virus flag.

I haven’t done that before. Not sure how to get started, and wondering whether it would be easier to rebuild one of my old HP Windows PCs from the RESTORE partition.

The virus warning is a false positive. Not uncommon with software written with Chinese compilers.

Making a virtual machine isn’t hard. But if you have old hardware sitting around that can be re-purposed then probably better using that.

I’ve got an old Core 2 duo running my machines and never had any issues with the software even though it did flag an AV warning.

AFAIK, the 'backdoor" just opens the 3wcad website. Should be able to block it from internet access but I havent tried yet.