i am trying to connect arduino/cnc shield to chilipepper with no success.

i am trying to connect arduino/cnc shield to chilipepper with no success. loaded json-server, json recognizes arduino on com3, in chilipepper/grbl lower right the arduino shows up, flashed arduino with grbl firmware thru chilipepper, clicked on the json address, on the arduino port box i set the baud rate to 9600 and to grbl, check marked the box and did not work, usb and steppers connected, the steppers do not work and upper right for jogging does not work, it says the ajax is closed? see lower right , in picture about ajax?
i am also running chrome, WINDOWS 7
what to do? gary
also, my computer is a new built with bare bones on it, is there something i need to load on my computer that i do not have yet?
see attached screen prnt of my chilipepper

you are a genius!!!
i have been fighting this for a week
everything told me the baud was 9600
i just changed it to 115200 and every thing works
waaaa hoooo
thank you so much

@Gary_Smith ​ I’m glad to hear it works. There is a saying: ‘real engineer doesn’t read manuals’ but other schools say ‘RTFM’ :wink:

You will find detailed information, including connection parameters here: https://github.com/grbl/grbl/wiki/Configuring-Grbl-v0.9

I recommend also to check the pinout (see here: https://github.com/grbl/grbl/wiki/Connecting-Grbl) before you eventually connect limit switches, there was a pin change for a Z-limit switch to digital pin 12 in grbl 0.9 (was D11 in grbl 0.8) due to variable PWM.

This is not important for the laser application but if you decide one day to mount a spindle or Dremel on your Z-axis, you may crack the tool.