I am thinking of converting a all in one into a 3d printer and

I am thinking of converting a all in one into a 3d printer and editing where the paper would be pulled in and have that mechanism pull the print surface along and also have the scanner act as the z axis I understand the printed pieces would be subject to stringing all I am really wondering is weather this is worth following up also I want to replace the inkjet with an extruder and have the black jet controll controll the extruder

Giving bad feedback is hard.

Before designing one of your own, build and run one of the existing designs; it’ll give you a better idea of where the weaknesses you’re addressing with any new design are, and where its strengths lay.

The “printer” in 3D printing is a misnomer. Build any one of the existing designs and see why. I genuinely believe that after you’ve had enough time to truly study how these things work you’ll find that all you would have accomplished was the destruction of a working inkjet printer.

But you’ve got the right idea - we need everyone to help improve these printers both iteratively and by thinking out of the box; just start by building a working one so you know what you’re getting into. You’re more likely to turn your creativity into innovation with the better grounding in the subject that only hands-on experience can give.

Thanks for the help I will go ahead with the reprep prusa then while this project is on standby ")