I am printing a file from within Cura via USB.

(Konstantinos Sakkas) #1

I am printing a file from within Cura via USB. Is there a way to preview on my computer screen which part of the model is currently being printed? For instance I would like to know which layer out of the 60 total is currently being printed or even which part of the layer, instead of just the percentage of the completed print? Does this feature exist in Cura or any other software? I am running on Linux. Thank you.

(Jon Gritton) #2

Don’t know about Cura, but Repetier had the ability to show print progress live while printing over USB.

(Konstantinos Sakkas) #3

Great, thank you. I’ll try that next.

(João Mendes) #4

If you have a Raspbery PI you can install ‘octoprint’ or download ‘octopi’, an image for the Raspberry Pi. It has a web server and you can check the print or control the printer from any browser even in your mobile. Also you can install the cura machine from the octoprint software as a plugin. https://octoprint.org/

(Konstantinos Sakkas) #5

Well, that has been a long time in my to-do list. Thank you for mentioning it as a possible alternative solution.