I am now proud to say that things evolve in the right directions,

(Martin Bondéus) #1

I am now proud to say that things evolve in the right directions, the interest is growing for my products and this have lead me to increase the production batches and this makes it possible to reduce the cost of my products. I would like to thank all you fantastic customers that have made this possible.

Prices are reduced with up to 30% and I hope that this will make it possible for more people to start to use the best and most reliable extruder on the market. Also there is a growing number of custom mounts in order to get an easy installation.


With best regards
Bondtech AB / Martin

(Rien Stouten) #2

I don’t think €130,- is very atractive.
It looks like a great extruder, but I never have any problems with a much cheaper wades-type. So why bother?

(Eric Lien) #3

@Rien_Stouten ​ I have tried just about every extruder out there. And I can say without a doubt if you push your printer beyond the run of the mill settings that even the wades extruder will begin to show weaknesses. But I have yet to be able to push my printers beyond the capabilities of the Bondtech’s ability to consistently extrude. And the parts have a notable visual improvement when your extrusion is as consistent as the Bondtech can provide. So I guess I would say “There is cost, and there is value”… I personally choose value every time. And the Bondtech is loaded with it.

(Rien Stouten) #4

@Eclsnowman I never doubted the design of this extruder, but I do think that for most printers out there, this thing is overkill. Certainly at that price. In my view the only real downside to a Wades is the gearing, which is noisy and not so wear-resistant. Slap a belt drive on it, and most problems are over. But YMMV.