I am now 100% certain that there's nothing wrong with my toolchange macro that

I am now 100% certain that there’s nothing wrong with my toolchange macro that is causing the problem with using the touch plate. All that I left was the M6 and even if I click stop, rewind the job back to the beginning, if I then use the touch plate interface Chilipeppr and/or TinyG will refuse to work. From that point on there is no way to get it to resume. I have to do a weird(and seemingly inconsistent) combo of resetting either the TinyG or the json server, or both, and sometimes it requires a full power down of the TinyG to get responses so I suspect that’s where the problem lies.

Can anyone else reproduce this?

I would report to TinyG forum on synthetos site

Are you using G43? Didn’t think it was supported. I get away with M6 and making sure my tool hangout is exactly the same. not elegant but it seems to work.

Nope, I’m just using M6, nothing else for the macro at all. I purposefully removed G43 because I had been wondering if it was the problem(and I’m not using it). Besides, all my clearance cut tools are much longer than my final cut tools so I’d have to use G44 if anything(I only just read about this today).

@jlauer will do.

What kind of mini mill is that??

Mine is a generic 3040 with 4th axis.(I see you must have commented on the wrong post…heh)