I am newbie on this topic.

I am newbie on this topic. I have just bought a laser cutter from a manufacturer in China. I have a 40w CO2 laser and apparently is type 4. My concern is about safety. Do we need glasses to protect our eyes at the time the machine is running?Thank you!..All the best!


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Moving light catch your attention, and you can’t resist to look at it.
A machine with work in progress should not be left unattended (fire risk hazard), so you look at it.

Yes you definitely need goggle.

look ebay with “Safety Glasses Goggles for 10600nm CO2 laser”

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Thank you for your comment. I am really amazed how people is forgets the security while they are using these machines.

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Dear Jose,

As you know this machine you bought is a CNC machine, when you set down it, it can cut or engrave the materials by itself, so you needn’t looking at it, then you won’t be hurt. The only thing you need to take care is you can’t put your hands or something between the path of laser, i mean between the reflecting mirror, or you will get a burn.

Anyway, be careful is a good thing, just take attention when you working.

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I get scared when i am aligning the mirrors and wear glasses…lol and I already sizzled my finger cause I am sooo used to 3D printers and forget there is a LASER going through mirrors and in my path! =)

Caution is always the best policy - it is a class 4 laser product (Invisible beam, danger from direct AND scattered radiation) so always be careful. Saying that, a thick acrylic screen especially one with good absorption in the infra-red region should be Ok (after all it cuts acrylic because it absorbs the beam. But better not to watch it cutting or if you do at an oblique angle to minimise risk.

Once you have confidence in the controller setup you do not need to watch every cut - just keep an eye out for fire!