I am new to this and I am wanting to move three sets of

I am new to this and I am wanting to move three sets of leds down the strip and I can not for the life of me figure it out. here is the code I am playing with but it wants to run these in a sequence instead of all three colors moving at the same time and speed any help would be greatly appreciated
I am using an arduino uno
here is the code
#include “FastLED.h”
#define NUM_LEDS 60

#define DATA_PIN 3
#define CLOCK_PIN 13

void setup() {
FastLED.addLeds<APA102, DATA_PIN, CLOCK_PIN, GBR>(leds, NUM_LEDS);
FastLED.delay (50);
void loop() {
// Move a single white led
for(int whiteLed = 5; whiteLed< 10; whiteLed = whiteLed + 1)
for(int RedLed = 0; RedLed < 4; RedLed = RedLed + 1)
for(int BlueLed = 20; BlueLed < 30; BlueLed = BlueLed + 1)
// Turn our current led on to white, then show the leds
leds[whiteLed] = CRGB::White;
leds[RedLed] = CRGB::Red;
leds[BlueLed] = CRGB::Blue;
// Show the leds (only one of which is set to white, from above)
// Wait a little bit
FastLED.delay (50);

  // Turn our current led back to black for the next loop around
  leds[whiteLed] = CRGB::Black; 
  leds[RedLed] = CRGB::Black;
  leds[BlueLed] = CRGB::Black;


Noticed you also posted this in “Support”. There are some answers there.