I am new ,there is anyone that can help me?I have a problem with

I am new ,there is anyone that can help me?I have a problem with the bltouch probe: after my geeetech i3 pro b does G29 , the printer start to print in the air .
I have noticed tha when it go down for the proibing the display say that the z axis go not at 0 but at -9.99 (if it can help)tanks

Is this your first print with it?

Is my first printer .

No, but I changed Marlin because the bltouch sometime didn’t work and i see on internet a bugfix version ,now I am at 1.1.8

https://www.thingiverse.com/thing:2722557 follow the calibration steps and let me know if you succeded

I Will try ,but now i make an experiment and i found the problem. The problem Is that when It do G28 and G29 (when it Is printing) It work fine but at the end the extruder go up and print on air ,(and It say Z 0,15 mm) . What Is the problem? If i take off all G28 and G 29 commands ,and I do manually It work…I understand! When i do manually i need to do G1 Z0 because if i don’t do that command It will print at the last height even if the height Is more than normal .The problem Is that the printer don’t save the Z axis height .

You will need to do exactly like in the link above, an adjust the z value until its perfect. Ps my z offset is 1.5, put this value and observe the modification. If you do not succed contact me. Let me know if you succed

Thanks but i Will do G28 and G29 manually now i resolve a lot of problem and the printer can print now .