I am moving off of the Adafruit library and onto FastLED and so far,

I am moving off of the Adafruit library and onto FastLED and so far, I have not had much of a problem. Lots of power and features. It’s going to be a while to really understand the power of this library.

I have a more basic problem I’m hoping someone can help me with:
I have a 8X8 Matrix and I would like to be able to save the color to the EEPROM for each LED. There are a series of static presets for this particular project I’m working on and it would be great to be able to call the LEDs parameters individually as part of an overall preset.

Is there a special way to do this within the library that takes less space? I’m using an Uno and am using the EEPROM[address] method since it was easy and I can loop through all of the LEDS. The problem is each EEPROM space can only hold an integer (32k) of information. I am hoping to keep the ability to save any of the16m colors.

I looked on the site here with not much luck. C++ Pointers and Refs are still a little above me but if that’s part of the solution I’ll dive in. Any help is greatly appreciated.

@tgirard123 ​ Yes, you’re going to have to dive in and learn about using EEPROM as there’s nothing in the FastLED library (that I know about) to help with that.
There have been some posts related to this in the past though, so some Googling might turn up some assistance.

Yup, I have been diving in and getting it done. thanks for the response though :slight_smile:

LUT data in EEPROM

LUT = Look Up Table