I am mostly a "watcher" or "lurker" here in the community.

I am mostly a “watcher” or “lurker” here in the community. I am looking for someone in the Seattle (USA) area who can print a particular faucet design with a composite or plastic material ~ I need the faucet to function a minimum of 12 times or so for a Demo with water. In essence I need a prototype that looks and works exactly like the finished product., but at this point does not have to last.

Can anyone point me in the right direction?

http://www.makexyz.com/ may be an avenue to find someone who can print your design.

Thanks so much for this resource. At this point I need to understand a bit more about the technology and actually talk to a commercial shop (I think) not just send in an order to a printer without a face :slight_smile: Or is this the nature of the business today?

For lower quality, try a local makerspace. For higher quality, you might be able to talk to someone at http://shapeways.com