I am making up some 18/5 cables for some unipolar stepper motors (my machine

I am making up some 18/5 cables for some unipolar stepper motors (my machine uses a pair of those). I got the wire, shield foil, and stuffing out of IEC power cables I stripped for their wire. This here might just qualify as extreme DIY CNC.

So far I have to say I am pleased with the results myself. What’s everyone else think? Am I crazy, or what?

I think you’d have to actually build the steppers for it to qualify as “extreme”, but that’s pretty close I guess. But looks good to me. Got any shrink tubing for it?

Nah, I think I’m going to roll with some packing tape. I wish I had more cloth electrical tape. I should have picked up a roll. I ran out of all of the strings, and fibers I pulled out of the cords I tore apart, so now I’m down to using some jute twine. The new cords are just plastic, which is why they don’t bend very good. I’ve got to put some cushion in there so my cables are supple.

Yea I’ve done that. Haven’t seen any cloth elec tape in a while now. Where do you get it from? Harbor freight has 10mmx5m heat shrink on sale for $1.47, just bought some yesterday… They probably have the cloth tape somewhere there too I bet…

Come the apocalypse I want you on my team!

3M makes some. They call theirs cotton friction tape.The roll I have is super ancient, and I don’t think they make it anymore. There is a number inside the roll 8756-3

I’m looking at 3M’s website right now and they make a lot of really nice tape. Glass Cloth Electrical Tape, Cloth Gaffers Tape, and of course Temflex Cotton Friction Tape 1755 too.

@Richard_Fletch_Fletc I probably have watched Mad Max an unhealthy amount of times by now. I may have to watch it again tonight too!

Agreed, 3M ALUMINIUM FOIL tape wou;d have been much easier

@Paul_Frederick I paid to see that 10 times I think, when it came out…

@Mat_Helm I tip my hat to anyone who will mount dual Weber DCOE side drafts on the top of their hood.

I keep mine under my hood personally. But I always get a kick out of seeing them in the flick.

@Paul_Frederick It’s a hybrid… Adds bio mass to the fuel mix in the form of dead bugs… ;p

I will be interested to see how this works. I thought about something similar. I also thought about sheathing unshielded cable. Will it run in track? What bending raduis do you plan?
I think I will have to stump up the cash for mine because if I want to do paid work I need to CE mark it and that means using approved cables.

@Mat_Helm I have socks on my velocity stacks. Plus mine are mounted sideways.

I ran it last night and it seems to work to me. I do have to add some strain relief though.

Oh, one more thing, my machine, it’s alive!

Excellent! I’m sure it will run. The question is how long until fatigue failure. I have socks on my K&N pods on my gpz too!

This is my Mad Max ride

maybe crazy - but I think I can learn a lot of you, sir