I am looking to connect turn on two separate item with three switches

Hey team,

I am trying to fix an issue on a new property I bought, without having to disassemble the entire floor.
Long story short, this house has a light in the hall connected to a switch and then two lights in the stair case which can be turn on using two different switches ( I think this is called a two way system?).
Now, what I am looking to do is to be able to turn on or off these 3 lights using any of these 3 switches. I have been trying to look online for suggestion and I think that is possible using some sonoff product. Can anyone please confirm and add a bit more details? Can this be done with the mini version so that I can keep current switches?


Sonoff have all sorts of remote switches that can be controlled by mqtt, flash tasmota firmware to enhance the functionality.

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:thinking: but if I connect a sonoff mini to a regular switch, when I press that manual switch off will the sonoff go offline?

No, the sonoff takes the input power (so it always has power), the you connect the outputs to the switch. Kind of man in the middle approach.

Okay so the sonoff takes the input power so it’s always on, based on if the manual switch is pressed an action is triggered so I can use that action to then send a command to the other sonoff via software (by writing a script I mean) and then turn off the other. Am I correct?

It’ll work on the same principle as the existing wiring. So turning one off shouldn’t have any bearing on the other. When you turn the lights off currently only need to flick one switch right?

This video is pretty good on sonoff usage and secrets. It’s a little long but worth it.

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