I am looking for a Thrust bearing that I can just bolt on to

I am looking for a Thrust bearing that I can just bolt on to T-Slot extrusion for my ingentis/eustathios. I would like to get it through Ali-Express but I don’t know what to search for. Every time I look through Ali-Express I get a million results and get frustrated trawling through the results. Anyone have any tips. I plan on getting some of these for my z and have the ends turned to match thrust bearings and gt2 pulleys.

Helps if I add the link. http://www.aliexpress.com/item/HighQuality-Bracket-Anti-Backlash-Rolled-ballscrew-1pcs-12mm-SFU1204-L500mm-with-1pcs-1204-Flange-single-ballnut/1422600526.html

I was going to go with this BF10:

I ordered from him for my CNC conversion. Just email him with drawings of how many, what length, how you want the ends machined, and he’ll send you an estimate. I think it was less than 200 bucks for my 3-axis mill conversion, and It only took a week :slight_smile:

OR some combo like this.


Anybody have any Pro’s or Con’s for a setup like this?

Hi Chef, I am after thrust bearings not the leadscrew. :slight_smile:

The BK/BF pair is the thrust (A/C) bearing.

Yikes! I guess precision is pricey. Not really useful for CNC, but I am still targeting braided fishline (Dyneema/Spectra) for my 3D printer motion.

Precision is cheaper :slight_smile: Two Z-Axis ballscrews, with ballnuts, for ~$70 is the same cost as just the thrust bearings and bearing blocks from the Eustathios BOM. And the support block replaces the thrust bearing. Unless I’m missing something?

I was kinda hoping that @Tim_Rastall might whip out his aliexpress-fu.

Do you mean this sort of thing?

Thanks @Tim_Rastall although they work out dearer than the leadscrew and coupling.

@Daniel_Fielding print one man. You have a printer!

Sfu1204 work out better too

Yeah but I kinda like the idea of proper machined parts for precision. I like the ones on the eustathios.