I am looking for a step-up from TinkerCAD,

(Paul Land (Balrockus)) #1

I am looking for a step-up from TinkerCAD, preferably OpenSource or Free but I would be willing to pay a nominal fee if I need to. The alternatives are confusing!

(ThantiK) #2

You’re not going to find very many good open source options in this space. But plenty of free-for-hobbyist types!

Fusion360 is super powerful, but it’s cloud based - it’s got full on cad/cam/laser, etc functionality. It’s pretty easy to get started with lots of tutorials.

OnShape is a web-based CAD, it functions a lot like the professional and highly regarded Solidworks - again, many good tutorials out there, and it’s completely cross platform. Works on Mac, Win, Linux - Unlike Fusion360.

(Paul Land (Balrockus)) #3

Thanks for your advice. I am giving Fusion360 a go, like you say, a good lot of tutorials out there.

(Kent Asplund) #4

A step down or sideways from Fusion you have Freecad. It has many functions that fusion does not have and vice versa. It has some irritating bugs still but is now a very nice tool. After the steep learning curve it is powerful and quick to work with, but you need to know what to do and not to do.

Fully free software and runs on most/all platforms

(Paul Land (Balrockus)) #5

Thanks Kent. I’ll look at that too. I did see it recommended online.